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          Shanghai Hengyuan Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994.


          In 1998, after launch of new plant in Qingpu Economic Development Zone with almost tens of millions yuan of investment, the capability of processing and manufacturing, the management ability, and the product quality of the Company has been further expanded, enhanced, and improved respectively. The Company has been developed from a company with single operation and sales of ventilator products to be a shareholding cooperative corporation with preliminary scale integrated with design, development, processing and manufacturing, as well as sales of marine products.


          In order to improve the quality of our products, utilize the international service network to a larger extent, and offer better service to customers, we signed a formal contract on technical cooperation with Japan Broad-Ocean Motor Co., Ltd. in 1999. All ventilator products and marine electric cabinets sold by Japan Broad-Ocean Motor Co., Ltd. in the Mainland of China are made by us. Our products have been used by many large domestic dockyards in China with good performance. The market share of our products has increased year by year, and the value of marine products has reached 200 million yuan in 2011. Now, the Company has well-equipped equipment, and improved manufacturing, inspection, test and measuring approaches, and has formed a set of effective management system for product manufacture, quality control, operation, and sales. Besides, the Company also has a group of employees capable of meeting the requirements of product development, process, and tooling design.


          In, Our Company passed the ISO9002:94 Quality System Authentication in December 2000 and the verification of CCS on the quality management system related to ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Requirements and CCSR9001-2011 Professional Quality Management System Requirements for Marine Product Manufacturer issued by China Classification Society in 2011 respectively, which have improved our quality management and increased the economic benefit as well.


          The Company now has 83 engineers and technicians with degrees of technical secondary school or above, including four with senior professional titles and thirteen with medium professional titles. Most of them are experts in one field while processing all-round knowledge and abilities.


          Currently, our Company has 266 staffs allocated in six departments (including Marketing Department, Research and Development Department, Purchase Department, Production Management Department, Quality Assurance Department, and Finance Management Department), one administration (namely the Comprehensive Management Administration Office), and twelve working sections (including one Cold Working Section of Material Preparation, two Cold Working Sections of Axial Flow Fan, one Cold Working Section of Centrifugal Fan, one Assembly Section of Fans, one Section of Dynamic Balance Test for impeller, one Cold Working Section of Crane and Winch, two Assembly Sections of Crane and Winch, one Coating Section, one Section of Electrical Product, and one Section of Manufacturing of Air Conditioner and Treatment Facility of Ballast Water).


          The total asset value of our company is amounted to 138 million yuan at present, including 15 million yuan of fixed assets, and 123 million yuan of current assets. Our company covers an area of 30,000 square meters with more than 300 general and specific equipments, including 28,000 square meters of plant, 1,400 square meters of office buildings, 1,000 square meters of comprehensive buildings.


          The products of our Company includes marine ventilators, rigging equipments, and marine electrical control cabinets,


          Among them, there are more than 300 types of marine ventilators in eight series. The diameters of

          impellers of centrifugal fans range from 100 to800 mm with flow rate of 100-30000 cubic meters per hour. The diameters of impellers of axial flow fans range from 170 to1850 mm with flow rate of 300-246000 cubic meters per hour. There are 30 types of marine cowls with diameters ranging from 300 to1850mm.


          The rigging equipments include:

          Seven types of marine accommodation ladder winches (5KN-20kN), four types of marine pneumatic translation winches (8KN-16KN), six types of split type marine winches (5KN-16KN), pilot accommodation ladder winches and soft ladder winches.


          Various types of marine hoists (0.1-2.2T), including electrical, pneumatic, and manual hoists.


          Various types of marine deck cranes (1-20T) , including electrical cranes, electrical hydraulic cranes and monorail telescopic cranes.


          Various types of marine travelling cranes used in engine rooms (1-13.5T), including electric travelling cranes and manual travelling cranes.


          Marine rescue boatslife rafts and free-falling life boat dropping devices (55KN/70KN), which have passed the CCS type certification.


          Marine air conditioners include dehumidifiers, air coolers, refrigeration storages, and cold preservation products.


          15 types of marine management systems for ballast water (ranging from 150 to 3000 cubic meter per hour). Marine electrical equipments, including various electrical control boxes, screens , and cabinets.


          In 2012, our company began planning a marine integrated system of processing the SOx and NOx. Now, a great deal of work has been done, and EGCS has got the certificate of approval in principle of CCS.

          Shanghai Hengyuan Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. has carried out functional verification, test data

          collection, influencing factors analysis and control parameters optimization of EGCS. After the treatment of EGCS, the exhaust gas emission index meets the requirements of domestic and foreign relevant laws and regulations for sulfur emission, the system runs steadily and reliably during the test period, and the control system can realize full automatic operation.


          All the products are certified by China Classification Society (CCS), and some of them are also certified by Britain (LR),Germany (GL), America (ABS),Norway (DNV), Italy (RINA), France (BV), Russia (RS), Korea (KR) and Japan (NK) and approved by CCS in Factory Type Approval and France (BV) in Certificate to Factory Type Approval.


          Our products have relatively high shares in the shipping market of China and enjoy high reputation from many shipyards and ship owners. Many products have even been exported overseas. In order to further improve the product quality, the Company introduces new products and technologies from aboard to meet the customers requirements for global services.


          Shanghai Hengyuan Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. spares no effort to seek for a new economic growth point, and to expand the communication and cooperation with the peers both at home and aboard for a new round of development.